Maintenance Person

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  • Required technical training:
    • Basic Universal License. May be completed during the first year of employment.
    • Working, hands-on knowledge of building maintenance, including basic plumbing, electrical, painting, janitorial services.
  • Three (3) years’ experience in building maintenance.
  • Ability to take initiative in performing tasks that need to be done.
  • Good verbal and written language skills in primary language of the property location (i.e. Spanish in Puerto Rico, English in the continental United States).
  • Understanding and consideration of the type of circumstances associated with working with the elderly and handicapped.

Salary: $23.38/hour

General Description:

Perform routine maintenance procedures for the community in accordance with the Policies and Procedures set forth by EHDOC. Carry out tasks assigned by the Building Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Community Manager, Regional Manager and EHDOC, which are deemed necessary to meet the needs of the community.

Specific Duties:

  • Handle routine maintenance projects as scheduled by Supervisor.
  • Participate in all preventative maintenance programs and keep records of work performed.
  • Respond to maintenance requests within 24-hour period or notify Supervisor specific necessity of longer period.
  • Respond to emergency maintenance requests immediately – if necessary using call back system.
  • Be a part of a rotation call back system for the property that includes weekends, after work hours and holidays.
  • Participate in safety programs and be familiar with evacuation procedures.
  • Maintain property equipment based on manufacturer’s recommendations and operating manuals.
  • Know all emergency shutoff systems such as gas, water, electric, etc. Be familiar with procedures to secure property in an emergency.
  • Make sure storage areas are neat, properly lit and locked.
  • Perform electrical maintenance or repairs on appliances, fixtures, outlets, switches, etc.
  • Perform plumbing maintenance or repairs on drain stoppages, leaking faucets, showerheads, toilets, etc.
  • Participate in the preparation of units for turn over including painting, cleaning, repairs, etc. to insure the unit is ready for occupancy in the time frame determined by the Building Engineer or Maintenance Supervisor and Community Manager.
  • Perform necessary painting of common areas as needed.
  • Participate in inventory control and work with Building Engineer or Maintenance Supervisor to maintain an adequate supply of parts and materials needed to provide quality maintenance to the community.
  • Maintain the grounds and common areas, trees, shrubs, walkways, roadways, parking areas of the community so that they are hazard free and free of litter.
  • Participate in the systematic removal of trash from the premises and maintain the efficient operation of all trash compacting systems, disposal systems, rollaways, etc. within the community.
  • Understand operating manuals and directions for any chemical or cleaning product used in the community.
  • Janitorial duties may be required to meet the needs of the property.
  • Be diplomatic in relationship with the residents, staff, outside contractors, state/local officials and the general public.

Line of Authority:

The Maintenance Persons answers directly to the Building Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Community Manager, Regional Manager and EHDOC for all duties described herein as well as other duties and tasks that may be assigned/delegated from time to time by the Community Manager and EHDOC.

In the absence of the Building Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor or Community Manager, the Maintenance Person assumes the responsibility of the day-to-day maintenance functions and all maintenance emergencies under the direction of the Assistant Manager and Regional Manager.

Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation and EHDOC Management LLC are equal opportunity employers.


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