Maintenance Supervisor

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  • Required technical training:
    • Universal License, including Type I, Type II, Type III
    • Certifications/licenses or certificate of successful completion of technical training in one (1) or more of the following:
      • Advanced Air Conditioning
      • Plumbing
      • Electrical
      • Boiler
      • Fire Protection Systems
      • Heating
      • Pool Maintenance (where applicable)
      • Locksmith
    • Certified Manager of Maintenance*
      *Employee must completed within the first year of employment from NCHM or other qualifying agency.
    • Five (5) years’ experience in building maintenance/construction at supervisory level.
    • Good verbal and written skills in primary language of property location (i.e. Spanish in Puerto Rico, English in continental United States).
    • Hands-on working knowledge and experience with all facets of building maintenance.
    • Ability to read blue prints, drawings, schematics, building equipment specifications, operating and service manuals, OSHA standards, and hazardous material storage and disposal instructions.
    • Understanding and consideration of the type of circumstances associated with
      working with the elderly and handicapped.
    • Self-initiative in performing work to be done and offering suggestions and recommendations to solving problem areas.
    • A valid state-issued driver’s license is required. Where Communities have vehicle(s), obtain any necessary additional required licensing or registrations.

General Description:

Perform and supervise all maintenance services for the community in accordance with the Policies and Procedures set forth by EHDOC. Carry out all assigned duties and tasks assigned by the Maintenance Engineer, Community Manager, Regional Manager and EHDOC deemed necessary to meet the needs of the residents and community.

This position is responsible for 3 properties:

  • 3844 11th St SW, Canton, OH 44710
  • 3846 11th St SW, Canton, OH 44710
  • 3830 11th St SW, Canton, OH 44710

Specific Duties:

  • Hands on participation in the overall maintenance of the community. Supervision of maintenance persons and janitorial staff, including vacation/holiday scheduling to maintain the best possible maintenance coverage for the community.
  • Responsible to maintain the building(s) in good repair and free from all hazards. Including establishment of preventative maintenance program.
  • Maintain all systems, including emergency systems in good working order.
  • Respond to maintenance requests within 24-hour period or notify Community Manager specific necessity of longer period.
  • Respond to emergency maintenance immediately – if necessary using callback system.
  • Establish and maintain a 24 hour/7day a week/Holiday callback rotation for all maintenance staff, including Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Maintain written records of inspections, appliance serial numbers, warranties or service contracts, equipment serial and model numbers.
  • Maintain appliances in units and common areas and perform service as needed. Establish procedures for taking appropriate action when replacement or outside service is needed with Community Manager.
  • Prepare units for turnover – giving Community Manager detailed listing of what is needed for the unit, including but not limited to painting, carpet, vinyl, appliances, blinds, repairs, cleaning, etc. Perform all services necessary to complete unit turn over in appropriate period established with Community Manager.
  • Interior painting of units and common areas. Maintain a five-year schedule for cycle painting of occupied units or establish a five-year plan for the property after year 3 of occupancy.
    11. Establish a detailed inventory list of all maintenance equipment, tools, supplies and order materials, parts, and equipment as needed within approved annual operating budget and with the consent and approval of the Community Manager.
  • Oversee outside contractors, including but not limited to exterminating, landscaping, appliance repair, snow removal, pool maintenance, preventative maintenance contractors, etc.
  • Keep a binder of all outside vendors for emergency contacts.
  • Assist with all annual inspections to meet Decent, Safe and Sanitary Conditions in accordance with HUD directives and Community Manager.
  • Maintain grounds, sprinkler systems, exterior lights, parking areas, sidewalks, roadways, etc. of the property to be free of hazards and litter.
  • Develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan with the Community Manager and the local Fire/Emergency Department. Know all emergency shut down procedures for building equipment/systems.
  • Be responsible for the systematic removal of trash from the premises and maintain the efficient operation of all trash compacting systems, disposal systems, roll-a-ways, etc. within the Community.
  • Understand the union guidelines for supervising maintenance staff, including formal disciplinary actions and be able to communicate concerns to the Community Manager.
  • Assist in training staff on maintenance programs to ensure quality performance.
  • Be diplomatic in relationship with the residents, staff, outside contractors, state/local officials and the public.
  • Refer to the EHDOC Maintenance Manuel for specific reporting, documentation, evaluations, scheduling, etc.

Line of Authority:

The Maintenance Supervisor answers directly to the Community Manager (or through the Building Engineer if there is an Engineer on the Community Site), the Regional Manager and EHDOC for all duties described herein as well as other duties and tasks that may be assigned/delegated from time to time by the Community Manager and EHDOC.

Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation and EHDOC Management LLC are equal opportunity employers.


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