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a premier affordable housing provider for seniors

EHDOC is dedicated to helping our seniors to live gracefully and as long as possible in our properties. As a premier affordable housing provider for seniors, we know that having a safe living is important to overall well-being. EHDOC communities are independent living designed with the needs of seniors in mind.

Residents play a vital role in their own safe living. Being conscious of one’s surroundings is key. Upon move-in, all residents receive a safety guidebook that reminds them to watch for hazards in their apartment and encourages safety awareness, driving safety, medical safety, online safety and safety while out and about. We are committed to making seniors aware of how to reduce the incidents of falls and fires.

Our housing units include emergency contact devices that alert staff when a resident needs help. Our buildings have state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, as well as a secure key management entry system for residents. Parking lots, lobbies and corridors are well lit.

EHDOC adheres to CDC guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19 protocol. Over 98% of our residents have been vaccinated, and throughout 56 properties across the country with over 4,400 residents, we have fewer than 2.5% in coronavirus cases.

Our caring Community Managers and Service Coordinators continually remind our seniors to make safety a priority as part of their continued comfort within our residences.

Best prescription

Find the Best Combination of Prescription Savings for You

People with Medicare – especially those with lower incomes – can find out online how to reduce their prescription costs. The non-profit Access to Benefits Coalition helps seniors or younger persons with disabilities who qualify find ways to save money on their medications. This online service is fast, free and confidential.

You can make the difference

Thank you for your generosity for our Senior Relief Fund! Your gift will help our senior residents rise above adversity and thrive. No matter the amount, your donation makes a difference.

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