EHDOC Senior Relief Fund: A stolen car has a happy ending.

EHDOC Senior Relief Fund: A stolen car has a happy ending.

When one of its residents needed a helping hand, EHDOC was ready to assist. Guillermo Ramos, a resident at Hugh Carcella Apartments in Reading, Pennsylvania, is a quiet and humble man, well-liked by everyone and known for his kindness.

He drives other residents to the grocery store and medical appointments, never asking for payment. He also delivers Meals on Wheels to his neighbors and helps with the food bank. Guillermo was in disbelief the day he looked out his window and saw that his car was not parked where he had left it the evening before. It had been stolen!

He notified local police and submitted a report but wondered what he would do without his car. His monthly Social Security benefit is his only income. He could not afford to replace his car. As soon as the Hugh Carcella Apartments Residents Association heard of his loss, they immediately launched a fund raiser for Guillermo.

Community Manager Amy Rodriguez and Service Co- ordinator Sheila Rampolla shared Guillermo’s story with EHDOC President and CEO, who was so moved, he requested a check to be issued from EHDOC’s Senior Relief Fund. Guillermo was flabbergasted and appreciative when Melissa Tarrant, Vice President of Field Operations, visited Hugh Carcella and presented him with a check for $1000. Aida Alvarez, president of the residents association, presented Guillermo with an additional check for $300, which were funds donated by his fellow residents.

Guillermo was able to buy a reliable used car and is very happy that he can continue to help his neighbors.

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