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A Quality, Affordable Community for

Seniors Ages 62 and Up and the Disabled

ehdoc affordable housing for senior citizens
ehdoc affordable housing for senior citizens


EHDOC develops and manages safe, secure and affordable housing for senior citizens across the United States and Puerto Rico.

EHDOC advocates for the highest quality of life for the seniors of today and tomorrow.

Communities including 3 in Development
14 States, DC and Puerto Rico
Over 20 Years
of Senior Advocacy
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affordable housing for senior citizens United States and Puerto Rico
EHDOC develops and manages safe, secure, and affordable housing for senior citizens across the United States. EHDOC advocates for the highest quality of life for the seniors of today and tomorrow.

affordable housing for senior citizens United States and Puerto Rico
EHDOC is committed to the principals of “Aging In-Place”, ensuring opportunities for our seniors to live independently with dignity and self-determination, in communities with their peers. Residents in EHDOC properties are provided with safe, affordable housing and supportive health and social services.

affordable housing for senior citizens United States and Puerto Rico

Today’s seniors can look forward to a longer life than previous generations.

Yet the blessing of more years for people with limited resources can mean financial hardship, if not total devastation.

The image of affluent retirees living in a luxurious golf community is far from the reality faced by most aging Americans.

affordable housing for senior citizens United States and Puerto Rico
Management Ethic
EHDOC is distinguished by a reputation for developing and managing quality affordable senior housing communities, which consistently receive high ratings from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in management and physical reviews.

Elderly Housing, Development & Operations Corporation (EHDOC) is a fully non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe, secure and affordable housing for our senior citizen residents.

We created the EHDOC Senior Relief Fund to support and sustain residency and amenities for low income seniors when goverment subsidies fail. We depend on your generous support.


Learn What Our Residents have to Say …
I did not want another day to go by without saying thank you to the investors at EHDOC. I had a terrible year last year with my health and finances. I found this place, applied, and waited. Lisa, one of your managers from, I believe Texas, came and got things moving. I moved in to my apartment in April, 2023 and I am grateful to have a beautiful home that I can afford. Just in case you ever question your investment, you saved my life and I love my home and felt the need to reach out and say thank you!
by Jean Barreto
I have lived at Council House since 2010. The Manager and Staff are very nice to me. Council House offers very educational programs and fun activities. Also, it is close to stores, doctors' offices, bus stops and everything I need.
My experience at Council House for the past six years that I have been here, has been great. The building is well maintained. I have really enjoyed being part of events and activities in the Community Room, Crafts Room, Movie Lounge, Patio and Computer Room. Council House is a wonderful place to live. The management and staff are very kind and professional.
Council House has been a great home for me for the past seven years. The management and staff are very cooperative and professional. The residents are also pleasant, kind and respectful to one another. The building is maintained well and is in excellent condition. Council House has excellent activities for seniors.
I like living here because the staff is very helpful and willing to help us in anyway they can. I also have gotten to know a lot of the residents and enjoy being with them. If not for Covid, there would be a lot of activities. So I am looking forward to when we can do that again.
by Dovie
I really enjoy my residency here at Murray Place Apartments. I appreciate the fact that the staff put together vaccine clinics for us to all stay safe thru this pandemic. I love the fact that the complex was built to look like a ship. I think that is super cool and unique. We really enjoy the friendly staff and how much they help the seniors here! This is definitely a great place to live.
Aurora Flores
by Aurora Flores
I love the services that our Service Coordinator provides for us. I'm very thankful for the help and the security that the staff members have provided over the year. Rafael our maintenance man is always fixing things for us right away and we appreciate that. I enjoy being able to volunteer to help the building by opening up the laundry room every day for all the tenants. I also love how clean our complex is at all times.
Maria Villareal
by Maria Villareal
Living here at Murray place has been great. I personally enjoy the times when the dining room is open and I can have lunch with my friends and neighbors. I love celebrating my birthday here and the Thanksgiving dinner they provide for us is amazing. I'm extremely happy with the services that our Service Coordinator provides us with. She helped us with our vaccine shots, meal programs, and monthly activities.
Nora Perez
by Nora Perez
I like EHDOC property Minerva Manor because they are prompt when it comes to repairs and maintenance work orders. The property is very clean and well kept. Management is very friendly.
Willard Bonds
by Willard Bonds
I love this place, Minerva Manor of EHDOC! The staff is incredible. This place encourages us to live a long life of peace and comfort.
Henrietta Raymond
by Henrietta Raymond
I love my home here at EHDOC's Minerva Manor. I love getting up in the morning and watch the hummingbirds eating on my patio. I feel I'm never alone. I have wonderful neighbors in the other apartments.
Kathleen Mesler
by Kathleen Mesler
My name is Janny Tan, I lived at John Piazza since 2010 when the building Grand opening, so far is good for me. I like friends, most of them nice to me either man or woman, I am Indonesian America (only one) in here and I'm happy live here.
Janny Tan
by Janny Tan
I'm so thankful and blessed to be able to live here at John Piazza Apartments since it opened in 2010. Everyone has been very helpful whenever I had any concerns. Thank you EHDOC, God bless.
Jerry Crickon
by Jerry Crickon
I am very fortunate living at JPA. Since I am disabled with limited income, living here makes it possible for me to provide for myself. It gives me an opportunity to be independent, yet not totally alone. I am half a mile from my healthcare facility and one quarter of a mile from a major store and my bank. I feel safe and secure and office staff is always helpful.
Dolores Higgins
by Dolores Higgins
I love living here at John Piazza Apartments, it's close to stores and convenient. Any needed repairs are done quickly. I have good friends and neighbors. Managers are kind and helpful.
Sandi Gunderson
by Sandra "Sandi" G
I like having the safety of a locked building. The building is clean. Management is very sociable. The grounds are very safe and we get to see nature all around us. Beautiful trees, the deer, turkeys, and sometimes a stray fox. I have been here nearly 10 years and I like my apartment. Maintenance is prompt on request. I like to read and do puzzles.
by Arlene Gotreau
I love my apartment. I have been here for 21 years and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.
by Gloria Dunbar
I love living here because my rent is affordable. Thankful to have a place to call home.
by Julie Smith
Staff is great always helpful. Grounds are nice.
by Richard Claudio
I like living here as the rent is reasonable. The staff is kind. Staff has been good to me.
by Scott Kittredge
I David Burnett have lived here at John Marvin Tower for a year. I enjoy living here. I am informed of the activities here. The management are friendly and respectful of all residents. It's very convenient living here.
by David Burnett
I love living in John Marvin Towers because its clean, friendly and you can't find better management than Yuette and staff. Plus doing our laundry here is very very affordable.
by Gail Donaldson
Staff is very good to help and the people are very good and the rent is great.
by Patricia Dyer
I enjoy sitting in the common area enjoying the view of the mountains. I also enjoy that the parking lot is gated.
by Ann O
The building is located very near the bus stops and I have a gorgeous view of the mountains, even those north of Santa Fe. I also enjoy having flowers and other plants inside and out.
by Dianne M
I have lived at Ed Romero Terrace for 11 years. I, as a senior male, I feel safe here even though we have had issues with the homeless problem in our area. We have a residents association, a library, a gym and a community room. I volunteer serving the meals that are prepared and delivered by the City. I also enjoy the organizations who donate food and goodies to us monthly.
by Leo K
I was born in Cuba and when I became an adult I moved to the US as an immigrant. Although I have difficulties with my English, everyone in the building helps me to understand them and helps me with my English. In our old age we tend to be sad, anxious and quarrelsome but I feel respected and protected by management here. I speak for everyone in the building that we feel good here.
by Eduardo C
Resident 1 testimonial: The apartment is very nice and cozy. The heater and AC works very good when we use it. The manager is very helpful. It is near bus stops. It is a gated community and my wife and feel safe here. It is also very peaceful.
by Sam F
I have lived here at the Towers for 3 years. I once lived at Worley's Place (across street for 2 years). My home here at the Towers has been a blessing to me. Although the building is old (40 plus years) I find it safe, comfortable place to live. When things go wrong and need of maintenance, Ms. Linda does her best to get the problem solved in a timely manner. The staff here are friendly and courteous. I look forward to many more years to come. "I have truly found my home."
by Mildred L. Johnston
I must say I have enjoyed my tenure here at Jacksonville Towers. I respect & appreciate the management. Anytime I needed support or attention from management, it was given. I plan on living here until such time as a change is needed.
by Malcolm R Morris
They are very happy living here. The community is very quiet, has a lot of facilities, and close to everything
by Anderson Santiago and Lydia Cruz
I am happy to live at Savoy Heights because of the clean and safe environment. The safe and secure housing gives me a peace of mind. I live around friendly neighbors and the staff is very friendly and helpful.
by Kerstin Marsik
I like the staff and residents at Savoy Heights. I have been living here for six years and am happy and comfortable. I feel very safe here.
by Rigney Gallow
The staff at Savoy Heights is always friendly and helpful. Our fellow neighbors and residents are very helpful, friendly and welcoming. The grounds and the property are very well kept making our environment feel like home. All our concerns and work orders requests are handled and taken care of very quickly. We were presented with an opportunity to relocate, however, because of our happy experience we chose to continue to live at Savoy Heights.
by Agnes and Wilton Robert
I like living at Savoy Heights because its such a good place to live. I love the office workers and residents. We are like family here. I am 95 years old and have been living at Savoy Heights for 25 years. Everyone is the same here. It doesn't matter your color or who you are, we are all the same. If you want a nice place to live come to Savoy Heights.
by Vernice Ardoin
I love my apartment it's beautiful, comfortable and affordable. The staff is always willing to help me. I am so happy to have a beautiful and peaceful home to live in.
by Alice Williams
I moved to the Village de Memoire 6 yrs ago without knowing a soul. Everyone welcomed me and have treated me like family since day one. My apartment is spacious, beautiful and comfortable also, staff is attentive to all our needs and the complex and grounds are beautifully maintained. I am PROUD to call Village de Memoire my HOME!
by Deborah Hodge
The cleanliness and size of the apartments influenced me to move to Village de Memoire in 2015. Before COVID we had many holiday meals, Birthday parties, and other activities. The staff is very pleasant and help in any way they can.
by Irene Fontenot
We love it here! We get very well taken care of, we come first, all the staff are very nice. It would be tough to make ends meet if we were not lucky enough to live here on a low income that is fixed.
by Elaine and Perry Fratus
When I moved in here I was a little depressed. I lived in my parents home, and between bills and taxes, I had nothing left to socialize. As soon as I moved into Stonington Arms I have met several people and socialize as much as I want. I love living here. I would like to mention the entire staff are fantastic, always with a smile, and ready to help the tenants out. Stacy, Deb, Heidi, and Jorge are the best!
by Cathy Moran
I Love living here! It's peaceful and we try to be kind to each other. Enough activities to keep it positive! The staff is respectful and warm and helpful. Buildings and landscaping attractive. Apartments cute and pleasant.
by Nina Karash
It's a very nice place to live. People are friendly. Bulletin Board Bingo is great fun! I enjoy the selection of books they have in the little library area near the laundry room. Free Laundry is awesome!
by Eleanor Burgess
I think this is a nice place to stay. The staff Pam and Shawna are good and I love them both.
by Louise Ford
It's nice and the people are very nice. The staff is very nice and good.
by Juanita Taylor
Nice and quiet. Property is kept clean and very well maintained. Other tenants I am able to get along with. Very nice place to live.
by James Wyles
I have lived at Worley's Place for 11 years. I have made many friends and participated in many activities. My favorite is our potluck meals. I do love our staff as they are like family to me.
by Judith Starnes
I really like living here. I really like my apartment. The staff here is really nice and caring. Living here actually feels like home to me.
by Bessie Freeman
My heart is filled with happiness and gratitude towards life. EHDOC has allowed me to live in a very pleasant and welcoming community. I'm grateful because although I have a Low Income, I'm able to afford a place to live. The community is safe and located near recreational parks and the beach. The management team is always attentive to my needs and the building is always in perfect condition. Thank you EHDOC!
by Luisa Estrumsa
I've been living in Council Towers for the past 11 years. To me, Council Towers is not just apartments, it's the place I call home. The best thing about living here is that everyone is like family, we help each other. Maintenance is always available to help, and I am available for anything that is needed in the building. I'm proud to be part of this wonderful family. Thank you for caring for the elderly!
by Gilberto Fardales
I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful community. Besides the affordable Housing, I’m glad I can keep myself active. And be part of the Miami Beach Senior Dance Team. I’ve made new friends and kept myself socially active here at Council Towers I’m never bored. I try to keep myself alive and enjoy my morning walks near the beach. Thank you!
by Gladys Navarro


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